Monthly Archives: July 2013

  • What: A Midsummer’s Ice Cream
  • Where: Trinity Lutheran College, 2802 Wetmore Ave, Everett
  • When: Sunday, August 4th, 2013 6pm-7:30pm
  • Who: All are invited
  • Why: Cuz everybody loves ice cream



About a year ago, a small group of people in Everett decided that they needed something to bring the neighborhood together, something we could invite everyone to. Not a church service or a concert, a sports event or a political rally. No, we needed something a little more universal. Something everyone could enjoy. And of course, in the middle of summer, who doesn’t love ice cream?

And so, Trinity Lutheran College volunteered the space, and dozens of volunteers from all over the city stepped forward to pull together the first “Midsummer’s Ice Cream: An Ice Cream Social for the Whole Neighborhood” in July of 2012. It was definitely a wonderful event, with plenty of smiles and scoops of cool, ice-creamy goodness on that Sunday evening in the heart of Everett. Over 100 people from all over showed up to be a part of the festivities.

This year there are hopes for many more friendly faces. Ice cream has already been donated, and the space has been reserved. Musicians are signing up to entertain and ice cream scoopers are volunteering by the dozens. A special invitation is going out to the under-resourced and isolated in the community. A mobile shower facility will also be on-site for any who would like to use it.

This will be a time to make new friends, bring along your old friends, build community and have fun. No sermons will be preached, just plenty of ice cream, music and smiles. If you’re not sure if you’re invited… you are!

See ya then!