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It was on April 1st, 1960 (no foolin’) when Lutheran Bible Institute student, Wes Prieb wrote a letter to Howe Sound Co, suggesting that they donate the abandoned mining village to the Lutheran Church for a retreat center. Whether or not it was meant as an April Fool’s Joke, Howe Sound Co. agreed to sell the village to the Lutheran Church… for $1! Two years later, in 1962, the Village’s summer program opened with a focus on the Village as a church center for renewal. Happy Birthday Holden!


To commemorate this day, many congregations across the country will gather at the same time on April 1st to sing the beloved vespers service, “Holden Evening Prayer”. Please join us in this one-of-a-kind simultaneous nation-wide worship event to celebrate the Suprising Gift of Holden Village!


We will gather in the newly remodeled Brammer Chapel at Trinity Lutheran College. Directly following the service we’ll share in fellowship and ice cream!


Holden Evening Prayer @ TLC

2802 Wetmore Ave

Sunday, April 1st, 4pm

Brammer Chapel (5th Floor)


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