Welcome to the new blog page!!!!

Welcome everybody to the new blog page. I have made the decision (mainly for administrative reasons) to move the luthermergence.wordpress.com blog over to this location. You can still go there to see the old posts. At least for the time being. But everything new will be posted here.


This will be the online home for all things related to the Sunday Evening Service that meets in downtown Everett, WA. In addition, I hope this becomes a good place to have discussions about church, theology, the future, the past, the present, life, love, hope, justice and the mission of the Christian Church in our ever-changing world.

Please subscribe! We’ll keep the conversation going!

Peace –  Sean

  1. Bob Chapman said:

    You make the view south on Wetmore Avenue look artistic.

  2. Chris Marl said:

    Jesus taught us that is all about love. The "Christians who make us ashamed" are the ones who have seemed to forgotten that. (Of course, we make them ashamed, in turn, because they think Jesus taught somethng else and we are the ones who have it wrong.)

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