Monthly Archives: February 2011

Hi everyone! I’m just here to announce a new musical release. Many of you folks know about ‘Church of the Apostles,’ or ‘COTA,’ the ecumenical worshipping body that meets at the Fremont Abbey on Sunday evenings. Well, they have some good church, and fantastic musicians. I was honored to help in their most recent recording project, “This Is The House Of God”.


All the music they used originally came from an experimental Christian community from Glasgow, Scotland called ‘The Late, Late Service’. Of course they put their own twist on everything. Unfortunately, there’s no place to listen to stuff online just yet, but their album is available at the Abbey at worship services. I will post as soon as this stuff is available online.I’m really proud of these guys and the music they make. The album sounds fantastic.If you’re interested, I strongly encourage anybody to check out the service that meets on Sunday evenings at the Abbey. Info can be found at