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Can you imagine what it would’ve been like? To have seen your teacher and spiritual leader killed in front of your own eyes by the government? And then you see unmistakeable signs that the same teacher has come back from the dead? It’s impossible to fathom.And then, this flock of followers, although scattered, continue to follow in the ways of their resurrected teacher’s message. They live in small, intentional communities in the heart of Jerusalem. They travel on foot from city to city, visiting as many places as they could.  And eventually, they plant the spiritual seeds of the Gospel that are still growing today.This is the story of the ‘Way’. These are the lives, the hardships and the revelations these followers experienced.  It’s the story of Peter and Paul. It’s a story we’re a part of.These links will take you to Happy viewing, people. And happy Easter.Empires: Peter & Paul – Part 1Empires: Peter & Paul – Part 2Peace,-Sean