Annemarie Russell floats my boat

I met with Annemarie today. Turns out she teaches at Trinity College with me. That’s not all. She’s a heck of a songwriter, with some serious vocal pipes to boot. I’m not kidding. Plus, she’s super nice, she teaches english (shout out to all you english majors out there) and she’s Lutheran!!!She’s going to be the guest musician this coming Sunday for the 6pm service at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. I have asked her to share 6 or 7 songs. I’m sure she’ll have plenty of stories and memories to share with this group of folks she has a rich history with. And hopefully she’ll make some new friends, sell some CDs, and warm some hearts.Please check out some audio samples, her bio, photos and other good stuff at her website: And then come join us for church! I’m bringing snacks.Blessings, Peace & Fig newtons.-Sean

1 comment
  1. Annemarie said:

    Thanks for the shout out, Sean! Made me smile when I found your blog tonight.

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