A Benefit Concert?

I’m a worship leader.  But I’m also, first and foremost, a musician.  I believe that my talents to write and perform music are definitely gifts of the spirit.  I guess I can recall feeling that way since I was very young.  Coming from a musical family, a family that raised me in the Lutheran Church, I found plenty of opportunities to share those talents in a worship setting.  And as I did, I grew to recognize the relationship between those musical moments, my musical talents, the Holy Spirit, the power of God, and the Holy Word of Jesus Christ.  (I guess that’s the short version of how I grew to know my faith–more on that later.) So we’re called, as Christians, to use our gifts and talents to glorify God.  Yes?  Well, that’s great!!  Cuz I work for a church, writing, arranging and leading songs with a bunch of incredible volunteer musicians for a fantastic congregation of super-appreciative folks every week!  Actually, twice every week!  Three times during Lent!  They love it.  I love it.  Jesus loves it!  Everybody’s worshiping.  Everybody’s happy.  Right? What’s our mission? “The call to be missional is a full blooded call to the complete and utter re-calibration of mission.” -Michael Frost Ok, that sentence doesn’t make much sense.  Mainly cuz he’s using the word ‘mission’ to define what ‘missional’ means.  Sorry about that. So what does ‘missional’ mean?  Hmm… Think about that. I saw Michael Frost speak at an event in Seattle.  He’s fantastic.  And he has a reality-check for all those church-going folks (even the ’emergent’ and ‘post-modern’ types) who go to worship in their own special way every Sunday.  And the question he poses is this: What if we were to make the focus of our ministry, the epicenter of our church the mission?  And by mission, I don’t mean traveling to other countries to convert people.  I mean doing justice. You know.  Like Jesus did; a paradigm shift. Ok, I’m not writing a sermon.  I promise.  But what I am doing is planning a benefit concert.  And the first thing that comes to mind- the idea that was suggested to me by my dear, sweet girlfriend, Kaci, is to put on a benefit concert for those hurting in Haiti.  I can’t tell you all the details because I’m still lining them up.  But I can tell you that, the thought of getting my friends together, putting in a ton of work, doing something we love to do, sharing the talents that we’ve been blessed with by the Holy Spirit, in order to bring justice, comfort and love to the people who need it makes me feel like I’m actually doing the right thing.  Wow.  That’s what that feels like? Watch the video.  At least every 30 seconds, Michael Frost turns on new lights in my head.  I’ll post updates soon.



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