Potluck & Prayer Beads

Hey, all. Happy almost-transfiguration,I’m just writing with a friendly reminder about this upcoming Sunday Evening worship. First of all, we’ll be welcoming back our Trinity Lutheran College students who have helped us throughout all of last semester. Sam & James are going to be re-joining us throughout the semester with music and other things, so please help me make them feel at home. They’re swell fellows!!Also, directly following our 6pm worship time, we’ll be moving to the fellowship hall to join in a potluck (bring what you can–I’ll be bringing a veggie tray, as always) and good conversation. We will design what our worship time will look like from now until Easter. Honestly, this is my favorite time of the church year.Also during this time, Ann Samuelson will teach us a little bit about prayer beads. No, it’s not just for Catholics anymore! I am hoping to learn more about how I can use these prayer beads to help with my devotions and prayer time during the season of Lent.I’d love to see all of your beautiful faces this Sunday.God’s peace,Sean

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  1. Jennie Untener said:

    The food was excellent, thanks everyone!

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