PBS “Empires” Special on Martin Luther

This is a PBS special I just discovered on Martin Luther. Gives some good insight into the man, and what exactly he did. Makes for a nice little history lesson. Please watch it and leave your comments. I wanna know what you think!!


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  1. Chris Marl said:

    This is really well done, as is typical of PBS with this type of topic. It’s a little superficial (there were, after all, other theologians contributing to the Protestant Reformation) but for a first cut at Luther and the impact he had on Christianity in the Western World, it’s very sound.The only complaint is that while Episode 1 is very clear about what it was Luther determined that was so revolutionary, Episode 2 assumes you have seen Episode 1 first. In a perfect world, that would be so. But we live a long way from perfection so….Would have been nice to have a little recap to start Episode 2.

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